New cruise field for tourists from Russia to Greece!

The rich cultural heritage of Greece will be even closer to Russian tourists! A trip to Greece is an acquaintance with the great history of European civilization, dive into the history and culture of the country. Cooperation between the countries of Russia and Greece paves new ways for more comfortable, beautiful and fast moving! At the moment, discusses conditions for cooperation in the field of tourism between the two countries, this information was announced on-air broadcasts Dimitris Mardasos, the Deputy Foreign Minister responsible for international economic relations of Greece.

For several months under discussion between Greek and Russian authorities about the launch of cruise ships for transporting tourists from Sochi port to the port of Thessaloniki.

"We have proposed that the cruise ships with Russian tourists were leaving Sochi stayed in Istanbul to visit Byzantine Monuments, and then continued their way up Thessaloniki "

A conversation on the topic of new cruise destinations took place at a meeting in Sochi between the Greek authorities and the Minister of transport of Russia, Maxim Sokolov. Also from the words of Mr Mardasas, another Greek-Russian meeting due to take place in Thessaloniki.

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