Google help motorists!

After a long wait, in Greece came the service ''Google Maps'' with information about traffic. Motorists in Greece will be able to monitor real-time status on the road. You can now be more accurately calculate the journey time and avoid big traffic jams. You can get information about how moving vehicles on any route in real time. This will make it possible to avoid big traffic jams, and save a lot of time.

As in the larger cities of Greece such as Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, the number of cars is increasing every day, this service will help avoid all the mounting problems.

The service operates on the basis of the analysis via GPS. Data is transferred using a Google service to mobile phones and other devices users.

To start the service will only be available for Athens by virtue of its population and a large territory. Next will be extended to other large cities of Greece. This service will be very useful not only for residents of the capital but for other cities also.

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