Nimfopetra and the legend of a cursed wedding

Heading by car to Thessaloniki via Egnatia highway and turning onto the road that runs through the Lakes, you will see the unusual place-geological park Nimfopetra. Located just 25 minutes away from Thessaloniki and 20 minutes from Strimonikos Bay towards Thrace, in the village with 900 inhabitants, the geological natural monument is focused around a lot of tales and legends. Impressive boulders facing most bizarre forms, unwittingly excite imagination and make you wonder how and why they are here, forgotten in time.

At first glance, is a cluster of rocks, with a height of 4 meters, sculptural creations wind and natural phenomena. However, for centuries, the rock surrounded by legends of consummated marriage.

According to one version, once passed through this place wedding procession. Mother of the bride, forgot the wedding rings, and in anger she cursed the procession, with the result that all its participants turned forever. According to another version, the mother cursed his own daughter, when she married without parental consent. Wedding procession of petrified ... Since then, their only company-eternity.

Despite such grim legends, Nimfopetra is a favourite place for honeymooners, wedding the photo shoot here disruptive and one of the most photographed in General that do not amazing-hard to refrain from the temptation to capture these unusual natural "scenery".

However, in addition to such enchanting Legends exist and scientific explanation of this phenomenon. Boulders are likely from limestone, or, more precisely, traveltine, formed by deposition of calcium carbonate from warm waters. That is, we are talking about salt pillars formed by jets of hot geothermal water.

Nimfopetra visitors have the opportunity to stroll through cobbled streets, walking among the trees and stones, relax in the gazebo enjoying beautiful views, relax and feel the atmosphere of this unusual place, located approximately 50 kilometres from Thessaloniki.

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