Arachova resort- the winter alternative of Mykonos.

Built on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, in the immediate vicinity of the ski resort and national park, is the unique town of Arachova.
The favourite celebrity resort combines modern lifestyle and the magic of the surroundings of Delphi.

Picturesque streets incorporate the preferences of many visitors, and the city offers entertainment to morning to fit any budget.

The resort offers outdoor skiing, hiking in the National Park and the numerous walking trails on the mountain velocipede or Jeep.

The traditional cuisine of Arachova has its differences and its popularity gained through such dishes as "kokoretsi", "kondosuvli", and lamb.
Special attention deserves the traditional cheese of Arachova-"Formaela", which prepares the local farmers from goat's milk.

Arachova is just 160 km from Athens, the trip by car takes less than two hours, making this resort especially popular among residents of the capital.

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