The official wine of the Kremlin is produced in the vineyards of Mount Athos

Holy Mount Athos vineyards produce its own wine, which is served in the Kremlin for their officials and visiting dignitaries. Wine, bearing the title "official wine of the Kremlin", called "nurse" and is made from grapes grown in the compound of St. Panteleimonas monastery under strict control wine farms "Tsantalis».

It all started in September 2005 year, when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the St.Panteleymonas monastery on Mount Athos. Everyone knows the attitude of the Russian President to the Orthodox faith and the Church, but less well known is that Vladimir Putin was the first Russian President, who visited the Holy Mount. The Russian President was thrilled not only by the solemn meeting, but also from the wine that was suggested to him. Vintage red wine was created especially for him. Since then, a series of three kinds of environmentally friendly wines from the Holy Mount Athos became the official wine of the Kremlin.

The vineyards are located on land surrounding St. Panteleymonas monastery on the slopes of Mount Athos. Grapes from old vines grown caring hands of monks going manually. It is worth noting that the specialized team of Kremlin studied in detail each stage of cultivation and wine production for more than three years.

A year is made from two thousand to five thousand bottles, depending on the crop, they are all numbered and marked with the Monogram handmade. Virtually most of the products sent to the Kremlin, but a small party comes to the other markets where this wine is appreciated for its unique taste and aroma.

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