Tribute to the memory of Russian soldiers of the Macedonian front in Florina

In northern Greece, in the town of Florina in honour of the memory of the dead at the Macedonian front soldiers, it was decided to establish a Memorial. During the first world war on this front has killed four thousand Russian soldiers.

Consul General of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki-Alexey Popov took the initiative to memorialize their compatriots and to establish a Memorial. In 2015 year celebrated 100 years since the opening of the Macedonian front. The first battles took place in the nearby city of Florina, so it was decided to erect a monument to the Russian soldier on the Macedonian front.

Funds for production of sculptures were provided by sponsors from Russia and Greece. A memorial erected on one of the central squares of the city. A marble monument with a height of four meters is decorated with symbols of Russia, and before him stands the figure of the Russian soldier with a Mosin rifle in his hands.

The author of the monument is a famous Greek sculptor George Kikotis.

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