Ai Weiwei will open a permanent Studio on Lesvos

Famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and human rights activist visited a refugee camp on Lesbos, then gave a press conference in Athens, in the presence of the Deputy Minister migration policy of Yannis Muzalasa and Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs of Nikos Ksidakisa.

Answering journalists ' questions, Ai Weiwei with the warmth of Greece, noting that she opened embrace refugees and saved their lives. The artist expressed a sense of pride for the country, which he said protects human values.

"People around the world need to understand what's really going on, to help Greece and, more importantly, to save Greece. At the same time, we all must help refugees gain a new future ", stressed the Chinese activist.

Ai Weiwei said that, as an artist, could not remain indifferent to the problems of mankind, so it ended up on Lesvos. The experience gained from them, led to the decision to create a permanent Studio on the island, which this year will take his students from China and Germany for realization of new art projects.

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