Large trading in rental commercial property prices in Greece

In 2015 a year, economists and financial analysts observed the dynamics of price change for rent commercial real estate in Greece. According to the analysis of Cushman Wakefield & movement on the market of rental shops in Greece will be weak for some time due to increased taxation and spending cuts until the year 2017 consumers.

A strong decline in the prices of rental shops seen on the famous street in the Cakalof district of Kolonaki in Central Athens. Other major shopping streets of Greece, the contrary prices grow. For example, in Piraeus, Sotiros street prices rose by 7.7% over the last year. Identical price gains seen on the streets in the District of Kifissia Kolokotroni and Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki. The main trends of growth of prices for rent commercial real estate on the main shopping street of Athens-Ermou.

With regard to prices, the rent per square meter on the street Cakalof is 90 euros per square meter, while ermou St. 180 euros per square meter. It is worth noting that the ermou Street occupies 25-th place in the world ranking of the world's most famous shopping streets. Not less known and Metaxa Street in Glyfada (Athens) where rent is around 110 euros per square metre and has remained stable while outdoors Kolokotroni in Kifissia district there is an increase in the prices of 4.8%. Also, during the last year, an increase of 4.2% in prices and was seen on the streets Tsimiski in Thessaloniki. The cheapest rents in 2015 year were 70 euros per square meter on the street in Piraeus Sotiros.

In total, at the beginning of the year 2015 trend of rising prices for rent, which was subsequently disrupted due to political and economic uncertainty.

In General, as the company said Cushman & Wakefield, rental prices have remained stable until September 2015 onwards, while the secondary market in a recession. At present, demand for commercial real estate is weak, but is expected to increase soon.

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