Special offer! Only in March 2016!

Property tours for 300 euros!
In case of purchase the cost of the tour is compensated!
The tour is developed by «GREKODOM Development» in cooperation with «Mouzenidis Travel» for clients who wish to buy a property in Greece. The program provides the opportunity to book a tour without the obligation of buying a property. This special offer is valid only in March 2016. The cost of this tour is only 300€ for 1 person. In case of purchase the cost of the tour is returning to the buyer. 
The tour program includes:
-flight to the both sides (with EllinAir company)
-hotel accommodation
-food according to the hotel's program
-showing the properties
-legal consulting of the purchase process and about obtaining a residence permit *
* The cost of visa registration is not included in the tour program
Travel destinations:
1) Moscow-Thessaloniki-Moscow
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
2) Kiev - Thessaloniki - Kiev 
 Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
For any questions please contact the offices of the company Grekodom Development

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