A unique opportunity to bargain online on the site of Grekodom Development

The Grekodom Development Company provides a unique opportunity to bargain online!

Only for our customers, a system of online bargaining, to save time, travel costs and speed up the process of the transaction!

To do this, select the desired object on our website. You can do it yourself or with the help of a competent manager (or use the services of an online consultant).

On the page you with the property, click on the red button "Make an offer". Fill out an application.

For current information about the result of bargaining, we need your exact data:

- Name and Surname

- Contact information (e-mail, phone).


Then we on the behalf of the client will contact the owner or developer of the property and offer a new price and negotiate a discount.

Our clients have the opportunity to make the owners interested for the offer by suggesting him a deposit for the object of interest, in order to obtain the best price!

This option is the most successful and widely used by clients. Advance payment can be from 500 to 2000 euros depending on the value of the object.

Additional benefits of a remote deposit:

Collection of documents on a particular property

Preliminary verification of the documents by our lawyers,

Calculation of all necessary of all the costs of a process

Extra Photos and videos

Free inspection facilities, meeting / transfer at/from the airport

If during the visit of the property in Greece, the customer will be dissatisfied with his choice, our company provides an opportunity to visit other properties, as well as the transfer of a depositon another object.

Since the introduction of a deposit and before the visit to Greece should not pass 30 days.

Payment methods: Invoice

For more details, please contact the managers of Grekodom Development. 

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