Greek Tourism Confederation Awaits for a Record of 25 Million Tourists for 2016

The Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), is expecting about 25 million tourists in Greece for 2016, and the earnings will augment to 15 million euro instead of last year’s 14.2 million, according to an interview to Bloomberg, by the president of SETE, Andreas Andreadis.

“The increase in the income will come primarily from the 900,000 Russian tourists who are expected to come to Greece,” noted Andreadis. Andreadis also highlighted that the increase in the tourist wave will boost the country’s GDP by one point.

The president of the confederation clarified that his prediction depends on the fast fulfillment of the negotiations between Greece and its creditors for the evaluation of the program, which will help Greece remain in the euro currency. He also added that the management of the refugee flows is also an important factor.

Speaking for the islands of the North Aegean that were in the frontlines of the refugee and migrant crisis, like Kos for instance, Andreadis said that they (the islands) will see a recovery from delayed reservations, if the number of refugees and migrants that arrive at the Greek shores keeps decreasing.

The president of SETE also added that the public sector is losing more than 200 million euro annually, from the ineffective taxing of touristic services by non-professionals, such as the renting of rooms or apartments.


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