Greece-Russia Agreement for Cooperation in Quantum and Nanotech Research

Greece‘s Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation Costas Fotakis and Russian Federation Deputy Minister for Education and Science Ludmila Ogorodova on Friday signed an agreement for cooperation between the two countries in specialist new technologies, such as quantum technology, nanotechnology and related areas.

According to an announcement, the agreement covers four innovative applications in quantum nano-electronics, nanophotonics, quantum information-communication and metamaterials. It extends an invitation to research and technology centres, universities and even public and private research companies to submit proposals in the area of quantum technologies by the end of next June. It envisages financing of up to one million euros in each of the four proposed areas, for programmes to be implemented over 24-36 months.

The ministers noted that the agreement starting with crucial quantum technologies could progress beyond run-of-the-mill joint research projects and exchanges of scientists to joint investments and research facilities and to the exploitation of research results by institutions and companies for the benefit of the national economy and employment in areas with a high added value.

In spite of the difficult conditions created by the economic crisis, Greece has research centres that have achieved international acclaim and excellence in the emerging field of quantum technology, which is at the cutting edge of innovative applications for next-generation information systems, security and telecommunications, improving the accuracy and sensitivity of diagnostic techniques, new ‘smart’ materials and nanotechnology breakthroughs.


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