Nafplio Braces for 3rd Annual Luxury Yacht Exhibition in May

The annual Mediterranean Yacht Show, organized by the Greek Association of Marine Tourism with the support of the Municipality of Nafplio, will be held at Nafplio on May 7-10.

The event is under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.

Now in its third year, the yachting festival has an international reach and caters mostly to boat rental professionals in Greece, with the organizers emphasizing the importance of the sector for the economy.

Tourism is undoubtedly a key pillar of Greek economy showing steady growth, even in these times of crisis. The focus of the industry is on marine tourism. The impressive Greek coastline, the many Greek islands and the beauty of the landscape bring maritime tourism in the foreground and place yachting professionals in the forefront of the tourism industry.

Every year, thousands of visitors arrive in Greece from all over the world on private or rented yachts. The vast majority of them are affluent, contributing significantly to Greek economy.

“Tourism is still the heavy industry of the country and paves the way for years of professional sea tourism and especially yachting. Reliable employers maintain thousands of jobs annually in an industry that attracts the cream of international visitors to Greece. In an industry that substantially enhances the visibility of the country abroad, and laying the foundations for attracting even more visitors, “said President of the Greek Association of Marine Tourism, Michalis Skoulikidis.

The rich history of Nafplio and its naval tradition, combined with its natural beauties make it the perfect setting for an exhibition of luxury yachts for rent, Skoulikidis said. After two successful years, the show has established a growing momentum, which is evidenced by the high number of participants and the interest of brokers and the foreign press, he added.


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