Don’t Pass Up an Unforgettable Greek Summer

Greece is one of the number one destinations for holidays in the world. Amidst one crisis after another, whether it be financial or migrant, there are many media outlets or even voices in one’s head that lends to discouraging taking a Greek holiday. Potential visitors often fear that their holiday cheer might be taken captive and overrun by the “contagious gloom” portrayed in current events. Of course, when one sees all of the turmoil that has recently encompassed Greece, it can easily detract from the idea of a getaway to Greece.

Tourism on the Rise

Perhaps for tourists the silver lining to the crisis at hand is that prices are lower and there are many incentives to travel Greece this summer, providing a great opportunity to bask on its amazing beaches, cool off in the shimmering blue Mediterranean and enjoy the renowned hospitality, traditions and culture of the amazing country.

In spite of media hype, in 2015 Greece attracted over 26 million visitors to popular tourist destinations such as Athens, Santorini, Myconos, Rodes, Corfu and Crete. This is crucial to the hurting economy since tourism accounts for a considerable amount of revenue, contributing 18% to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Furthermore, the tourists who visit Greece leave praising ecstatic reviews of the mediterranean paradise.

Putting Facts into Perspective

What is being reported is true and factual, however, one must proportionalize the events. Although the refugee crisis is a real and tragic event occurring in Greece, the reality is that it has mainly affected very specific areas of the mainland as well as only some of the islands.

One thing to keep mind is that Greece has always been one of the safest countries to travel in and will certainly continue in this tradition. In fact from a tourists point of view, if one doesn’t read the news or speak to any locals about it, the state of crisis in Greece is completely inapparent.

As far as a financial perspective, ATMs are all flush with cash. Foreign ATM cards are not subject to capital controls as the Greek banks. Therefore, the daily limit of cash from the ATM is up to the cardholder and their bank in their home country. Tourists will find that their credit cards work fine as well for the same set of reasons.

What about the widespread panic and street riots? Everyone going on strike and having no taxis or public transportation available? Or all of the frightened tourists running to book the next flight home? Again, a little perspective is needed here. The paranoia is just not founded. It doesn’t exist.


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