The 5 Cheapest Greek Islands Currently for Sale

Most people who come to the Greek islands on an unforgettable vacation leave saying they can’t wait to return. It appears that nowadays people are actually buying their own Greek island, making their Mediterranean vacation never-ending.

There are an estimated 1,200-6000 islands in Greece according to various information sources, and it is unknown how many of the islands are owned by the Greek government. However, what is known is that there has been a rise in the amount of islands for sale in recent years, no doubt in connection to the Greek financial crisis. There are actually entire websites that are dedicated to selling islands online and have some Greek islands listed for as little as 3 million euros.

The site Private Islands Online sold a number of islands in 2015 and are looking to do the same this year as the austerities and bailouts leave Greeks looking to make money however possible — even if it means selling their family’s land and heritage.



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