High Level Meeting between Boris Mouzenidis and Macedonia-Thrace Minister

The Greek corporate headquarters of the Mouzenidis Group in Thessaloniki saw a cordial meeting between Mouzenidis Group founder and president Boris Mouzenidis and Greek Deputy Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction of Macedonia and Thrace Maria Kollia-Tsarouxa on Friday, June 3.

The purpose of the meeting was informative, with an exchange of views and a presentation from Mr. Mouzenidis outlining the various activities of the multi-faceted company.

Ms. Kollia-Tsarouxa praised the actions and contributions of the Mouzenidis Group in Greek tourism and assured Mr. Mouzenidis that her Ministry is would be available to help develop initiatives for the promotion of tourism in Greece, especially in the regions of Macedonia and Thrace.

Source: grekomania.com

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