CNN Awards Santorini a Place on World’s Best 15 Wine Trails List

In its Culinary Journeys section, US cable giant CNN recently surveyed the world’s best wine trails and placed Santorini on its list. In the article entitled “Bottle stops: 15 wine trails worth getting sidetracked on,” Santorini found a place on its list alongside of other such noteworthy regions as California’s Napa ValleyRoute des Vins, Alsace, France, andTuscany, Italy.

CNN’s Culinary Journeys has this to say about Satorini:

Wine may be the last thing on anyone's mind when they encounter the spellbinding vistas of the Santorini caldera, with its precipitous cliffs rising vertically from the sea.

However, the island is also home to nine indigenous grape varieties that include the famous Assyrtiko.

Traces of this dry white wine have been found in a prehistoric village excavated at Akrotiri, buried under the volcanic eruption that sank half of the island.

What's particularly unique about wine-making on Santorini is how the young vines are twisted to form a wreath with the grapes growing in the center to protect them from the harsh winds that blow down the Aegean in the winter.

These can be seen in the fascinating Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum outside the village of Vothonas.”


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