Trip2Athens, New Webportal Is Athens Official Electronic City Guide

The new webportal was launched as the official electronic city guide for the Greek capital on Tuesday, with hopes that it will become the central point for promoting and advertising tourism-related activities in Athens and Attica. The portal was created by the Hoteliers’ Chamber of Greece and the Athens Municipality, with a multi-dimensional digital platform that allows users to plan their entire visit to the city, book hotels and also download it as an app on their mobile.

The head of the hoteliers’ chamber Giorgos Tsakiris said the portal can be used by all businesses linked to tourism, either advertising or providing their services, in collaboration and combination with other businesses.

“I would like to invite all businesses in Athens to exploit the advantages and window of opportunity opened by the Trip2Athens platform. The main factor that will determine its success on the B2C level is its acceptance and adoption by Athens business people, in other words our cooperation on a B2B level,” he said.

At no cost to participants, the portal will dynamically promote all tourist-linked activities (accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping etc) in seven languages (Greek, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese) from the planning stages down to the completion of a trip.

It will also serve as a valuable tool for businesses in the international e-tourism market, through the system of collaborations supported by the platform between hotels and other providers of goods and services of tourism-related interest, including museums and sites. One of the innovative features for businesses are collaborations through the offer of discount coupons issued when visitors make bookings, encouraging them to visit the businesses offering the discounts.

For visitors, the portal offers a vast array of useful information about the city and Attica, including public transport, travelling to and from the city, booking accommodation, information on sites and activities, a constantly updated guide to what’s on in the city, shopping areas, night life, entertainment, beaches, day-trips and a host of other activities, displayed in a easy-to-use, attractive site enriched with photographs, descriptions and an interactive map.

Site users can also “personalize” their journey via the portal, viewing selected routes, organising a trip and creating their own travel journal that is synchronised with the mobile app. The Trip2Athens platform’s mobile app also gives visitors access to all the information they need offline in seven languages and allows them to update their electronic journal and buy discount coupons using the QR Code with participating companies.


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