Greece Rate #3 in World For Weather and Climate by Expats is "an Ego-Stroking Men’s Lifestyle Portal focusing on empowering Men with the latest updates and news relating to Fashion, Business, Health & Grooming, Lifestyle, Technology and Current Affairs (from their site)."

They’ve recently ranked desirable countries based upon their weather and climate, according to ex-patriots living in these countries. Expats awarded Greece the 3rd spot, after neighboring Cyprus at #2, and Costa Rica, #1. In all, 64 countries were ranked, with northern Europe crowding the bottom 10, with Ireland and Belgium taking the last 2 spots.

76% of expats in Greece rate Greece’s climate and weather as “very good,” which is a whopping 53 points higher than the global average of 23%. "On the other hand,” the site says, “the country’s political stability is in the time-being non-existent, which has been detrimental to the peacefulness and the state of the economy there. Indeed, 39 percent of the respondents rated the political stability in the country as bad or even very bad, whereas the global average stands at a meager 8 percent."


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