Greece’s Exceptionally Clean Seas

Anyone who has been to the Greece in beach has had to put up with rather more litter than they would like to. Even in trendy Mykonos it is not unusual to see discarded plastic bags floating in the harbor near the shore.

Although trash collection has a way to go in this public service-strapped land, Greece is remarkably clean where it counts: the quality of its seawater along its beaches. Greece’s Ministry of Environment and Energy’s Water Department, responsible for monitoring the quality of Greece’s bathing water, reports that over 97% of its beaches are classified as “excellent” for swimming, with the rest rated “good.” This puts Greece among the best countries in Europe for sea swimming.

On top of that the European Environment Agency recently announced that the waters of Greece are among the cleanest in the world, giving it a 97.2% rating. The EEA inspected 1,500 locations in Greece and her islands.


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