13 Taxes That Need to Be Paid by January 2017

Tax Office Statements will meet most Greeks as they return from their summer vacations. On Monday, the first single property ENFIA taxes will be posted online so that the government can yield up to 3.2 billion euros from which the government hopes to gather at least 2.65 billion euros. Daily Kathimerini newspaper reports that 35 percent of home owners (2.2 million people) will face higher ENFIA taxes than in the past.


  •  21 percent of natural persons (more than 1.5 million taxpayers) will pay from 1 cent to 10 euros more ENFIA than in previous years;
  •   5.8 percent (420,000 taxpayers) will pay 10-50 euros more;
  • 3.8 percent (270,000 people) will pay more than 50 euros more ENFIA.

ENFIA aside, there will be 13 taxes imposed from September until January marking an uphill battle for ordinary citizens trying to make ends meet. The Greek state hopes to yield 23.296 billion euros from taxpayers by the end of the year of which 9 billion euros will be direct taxes.

These include:

1) income tax
2) the special solidarity contribution
3) vocation duties
4) luxury tax
5) single property ENFIA tax
6) telephone duties
7) special fuel tax
8) consumption tax
9) special agricultural tax
10) special coffee consumption tax
11) special tobacco products tax
12) increased tax for electronic cigarettes
13) new car duties for 2017

Source: greece.greekreporter.com

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