Greek Owners Will Pay an Extra €1,000 If They Want to Rent or Sell a House

Real estate property owners in Greece will have to pay an additional 1,000 euros in fees and levies and go through more red tape if they plan to sell or rent a property.

A bill that is in the draft stage by the finance ministry, calls for new levies in the form of three additional certificates and documents from pertinent authorities that the owners must submit to the state before the transaction.

The first new document required is the electronic identity card for the building or piece of land. Then a certificate of city planning compliance is required in addition. The third document owners will need is a certificate of payment of the local authority property levy (TAP).

The three newly required documents are in addition to a certificate of payment of the single property tax (ENFIA), which will continue to exist, an energy compliance certificate and a document verifying that the property has proper power supply.

The electronic identity of each building is a new requirement that all property owners must comply with in the next five years. The building ID will have to be renewed every seven years, while the energy certificate expires every ten years.

All property owners will now have a lot more red tape to go through, especially if they plan to rent or sell their property.


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