Christmas Fun at the Athens National Observatory in Thissio

The Athens National Observatory in Thissio will observe the Christmas holidays this year with a series of events and activities aimed at young and old, held over the holiday season.

They start on the morning of December 18 at 11:00, with the treasure hunt “Searching for the Christmas Star” for children age 7-12.

On Boxing Day, again at 11:00, there will be a lecture on “The Sun, our closest star” that includes observation of the sun through a solar telescope.

On December 27, starting at 11:00, families are invited to play the quiz game “Are you smarter than a space child?” designed for all ages, followed by the adult quiz game “Space Pirates: a knowledge game for adults) at 12:30.

On December 28 at noon, younger visitors can take part in the event “Christmas with Vangelis: A journey into the fairy story world of Vangelis Iliopoulos”. At 18:00 on the same day, the observatory will open for tours of the museum and observation of the sky through the Doridis telescope.

On December 29, at 11:00 and 12:30, there will be a “Christmas Astronomy Workshop: Activity for Children”.

For most of the events, visitors are advised to telephone in advance to book a place at the number 210 3490160. Entrance on the morning of December 28 is free of charge, otherwise the general entrance fee is 5.0 euros. On the evening of December 28 there is a general entrance of 5.0 euros, a 2.5 entrance free for children and students and free entrance for the unemployed.


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