Greece Lets Her (Christmas) Light Shine in Brussels

The Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT in Greek) will participate in the "Agora of Europe" event in Schuman Square, Brussel's main public space, on Wednesday, December 8th. EOT's participation will consist of offering quality Greek products to Belgians and visitors to the city, while other international organizations in the city will be doing the same.

The Agora of Europe is part of a wider Christmastime program at the Square known as "Rond-Point Schuman Lights Up," in which various embassies, regional authorities, and EU national tourism offices take part. They present local products and provide Christmas dishes of national origin for passersby to sample. One of Greece's best-known exports is her food, some of which (Mediterranean diet, Chios masticha) have been awarded UNESCO's Intangible Heritage status.


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