China Shows Increasing Interest in Various Greek Market Sectors

China is showing a growing intent in investing in the Greek market. Just a few weeks ago China’s China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) signed an agreement with Greece’s Public Power Corporation (PPC), while a few days ago 24 percent of Greece’s Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) was acquired by China’s State Grid Corp.

Sources have reported that recently the head of China Shenhua Group has arrived in Athens with his staff in order to look into business opportunities in Greece.

Sources have reported that the chief of China Shenhua Group has “expressed his will to understand in-depth the Greek energy market and promote cooperation with Greek enterprises, such as on lignite-powered electricity units,” and that he is not alone in this willingness to explore various sectors of the Greek economy.

There are speculations that Chinese enterprises are even looking into Greece’s food sector, services, tourism and its infrastructure, scientific innovation, culture, property market and healthcare.

Sources have reported that over the next few weeks Greece is expecting many Chinese “business missions” to further explore the opportunities of investment.


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