Paypal: How Greek Merchants Can Export More in 2017

According to the PayPal and Ipsos Report titled How Greek Merchants Can Raise Their Cross-border Trade in 2017, Greek merchants have a few different resources available to them in order to accomplish such a task, as detailed below.

PayPal and Ipsos released their third annual cross-border commerce report. The global insights research, which investigated the online domestic and cross-border shopping habits of more than 28,000 consumers in 32 countries, reveals new habits of cross-border shoppers and highlights the most important trends in terms of global e-commerce.

For Greek merchants interested in getting customers from across the border the key to success is customer convenience including free shipping (46%), a secure way to pay (44%) and selling items that are hard to find locally (40%).

The key markets for Greek merchants selling abroad are: USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy. The report shows that one of the greatest opportunities to increase share of cross-border sales are seasonal sales (40% growth) and Easter (14%) as cross-border shoppers claim to shop more frequently during these periods than they usually would.

More and more Greek merchants sell abroad and expand their businesses internationally. Cross-border trade is thus constantly growing. Key markets that buy goods and services from Greece via PayPal are the U.S., UK, Germany, France and Italy.


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