Fraport Greece Signs 30-Year Contract With Dufry for Duty Free Shops

Fraport Greece and Duty Free Shops signed a 30-year contract for Greece’s 14 regional airports to be managed by Fraport.

Under the contract, Fraport Greece will more than double the space of commercial area from 5,000 sq.m. to more than 12,000 sq.m. and Duty Free Shops — a subsidiary of Dufry — will have exclusive retail commerce rights in these airports, offering excellent services to Greek and international passengers.

The agreement will be valid at the starting date of a concession agreement between the Greek state and Fraport Greece for the management and operation of 14 Greek regional airports (among them, Thessaloniki, Aktion, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Kavala, Corfu, Cephalonia, Kos, Mytilene, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini, Skiathos and Chania).

“With this agreement, Duty Free Shops will continue its operations in 14 airports for the next 30 years. The agreement adds significant spaces. Expanding and improving commercial spaces is expected to begin this year and to be completed in 2021,” an announcement said.

George Velentzas, CEO of Duty Free Shops said: “We are thrilled to cooperate with Fraport Greece in its goal to bring customer services to another level. We are jointly planning the upgrading and development of commercial spaces in the 14 airports with the aim to expand our retail stores and to offer a completely new consumer experience and services in the country, promoting Greek culture around the world.”

Julian Diaz, CEO of Dufry, said: “I am very proud with the announcement of its significant expansion agreement and I would like to thank Fraport Greece for the confidence it showed in Dufry.”

“The 14 airports are gates to some of the most important Greek travel destinations in the world and Duty Free Shops is a significant ally in our efforts to upgrade services, “George Vilos, commercial and business development manager in Fraport Greece said.


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