Greeks Need 10 to 22 Documents to Sell a House

The Greek State requires an average of 10 documents — in some cases up to 22 — when a citizen wants to sell real estate property or accept a house as inheritance, according to a Kathimerini report.

A new bill that was voted in 2016 calls for new documents that need to accompany a real estate transaction, adding more bureaucratic hurdles in the real estate market. In fact, the bill is bringing back a unique bureaucratic provision that was abolished in 2014.

A new document required by citizens who want to sell a home is a certificate that he has no debts relating to real estate property. According to the Panhellenic Federation of Real Estate Property Owners (POMIDA), if a seller cannot come up with the particular document, the transaction is canceled.

Another document needed is a certificate by the seller stating that he doesn’t owe any single property tax (ENFIA) to the State. Lack of such a document renders the transaction invalid.

Furthermore, the new bill on real estate property transactions adds about 1,000 euros of fees required to complete a transaction. The fees are for documents such as energy efficiency certificates, topographic diagrams and zoning compliance proof.


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