Koukaki is the top area on Airbnb Greece

Significant changes in the real estate market of Athens brought the new way of rent through the online platform Airbnb, which is increasingly gaining momentum. On the one hand, the demand from abroad has increased, on the other hand, the prices for rent of apartments especially in the central part of Athens have grown, despite the difficult economic conditions.

For many reasons, the owners prefer to lease their property through the Airbnb online platform, rather than by the traditional way. In the top is Koukaki area, because the areas around the Acropolis are quite popular. In addition to Koukaki, the other popular areas are Tiseon, Petralona, where you can not find a property at the moment and Mets, Fix, Kolonaki, Likavitos, Ilisia and Pangrati.

There are many companies that rent the apartments from owners, make repairs in them, buy furniture and then rerent them. The apartments are leased by the agreement with the owner, and the rent paid to the owners by the companies is much higher than a private person could give. For this reason, the interest of foreigners in acquiring property in Greece have grown.

During the first three months of 2017, the net inflow of funds from abroad with the purchase of real estate in Greece increased by 61.7% compared to 45.3% in 2016 and 36.1% in 2015.

Source: protothema.gr

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