Thessaloniki to Host Microsoft Conference

Thessaloniki has been acquiring an increasingly high profile in the last few years as a conference destination. The MCT summit is another feather in the cap for Greece’s second city, when representatives of tech giant Microsoft will meet here from June 8-10 to discuss emerging technologies and innovation.

In addition, Microsoft’s Certified Trainers’ Summit- Europe will be held or the first time in Greece. The Summit is an important event for European-based Microsoft certified trainers and has achieved global status with the participation of trainers from all over the world. Certified trainers become versed in technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies, and transfer their knowledge to IT teams in various corporations.

Added to the 26 sessions of the summit are a tour of Thessaloniki, a Greek evening, and a day trip to Vergina, all of which are designed to introduce the Microsoft tech crowd to the beauty and history of the city and its region.

The Mouzenidis Group is the proud sponsor of the Conference. 


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