Earth Friendly Products Celebrates 50 Years Mark in Greece

It was fifty years ago when a Greek immigrant, the late Dr. Van Vlahakis, started a natural cleaning products company out of his garage in Chicago, IL. Today, Earth Friendly Products operates four plants in the US and is sold in over 60 countries around the world, while it has also created a Greek subsidiary, Earth Friendly Products Hellas.

The Company celebrated the 50 years mark with grant events in all of its US facilities in the spring but left a unique, special celebration for later in Greece. The event that took place on June 29 in Athens, not only celebrated 50 years of Green for the Company but also the love of its Greek-American executives who are investing back in their homeland.

The celebration took place at a seaside venue near Athens and was attended by the Company CEO and President Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks who flew in for the special occasion.

The Greek American reiterated her belief in the crisis-hit country and offered hope that Greece’s future lays brighter ahead and urged people to follow her steps and invest in the Mediterranean country.

“With love and kindness everything is possible, ” said Vlahakis-Hanks in her closing remarks addressing a prominent audience that included business leaders, Greek officials, and of course the employees of Earth Friendly Products Hellas.

Earth Friendly Products is a model company in the US when it comes to protecting the environment and creating good jobs. It is the only American company that pays one of the highest minimum wages in the US while at the same time it has achieved carbon neutrality, water neutrality, and Zero Waste Platinum certification.


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