Hidden Gem: Top 5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Greek Island of Serifos

Serifos is a small island of about 75 square kilometers and is located in the Cyclades. You will find this hidden treasure which is often overlooked by tourists between the island of Kythnos and Sifnos. There are many highlights to visiting this island, but for now, let’s look at the top 5 reasons why this is one place that you need to see while on your Grecian holiday this summer!

1. Hidden Gem

It’s hard to find a Greek island that doesn’t get flooded with tourists during the summer months. However, Serifos is a quiet and slow-paced island that avoids much of the crowds caused by tourists during the summer — simply due to the fact that no one knows it even exists! This island is accessible from a ferry at the port of Piraeus and other islands of the Cyclades group.

2. Prestigious Beaches and Charming Backdrop

As soon as you arrive on Serifos at the port of Livadi you will see beautiful sandy beaches against an impressive view of the capital Serifos, or Chora, dotted with white houses on the slopes of the hill. The island is almost in the shape of a circle and boasts 74 beaches all around its shorelines. A lot of the beaches have tavernas nearby them, so you can always relax with a home cooked traditional Greek meal for lunch, dinner or both!

3. Water Sports and Secluded Natural Coves

If you feel more adventurous, on Serifos you can always find rocky swimming spots such as the one at Sikamia where you can enjoy a dip in the cool water from the natural cove. You can enjoy the day on a boat, canoe or kayak or scuba diving!

4. Relaxing Atmosphere, Great People, and traditional Food

The village of Chora is divided into two neighborhoods, Kato Chora (meaning lower Chora) and Ano Chora (meaning upper Chora). There is a road that connects the entire village, forming a ring around it. However, the streets inside of the village are mostly pedestrian and you will enjoy walking to restaurants, tavernas, shops and small squares.

5. The View

If you are up to it you should take the labyrinth of stairs that lead up the Agios Konstantinos chapel above Chora which offers the most incredible views of the surrounding sea. While you're there, relax and head for the main square to enjoy a coffee or a refreshing cold drink!

Source: greece.greekreporter.com

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