First Lottery for Card Transactions to be Held Today

A Finance ministry lottery aimed at rewarding plastic money transactions, which will in turn fight tax evasion, is being launched Thursday, with a two-month delay.

The first-ever lottery based on the receipts issued for transactions using credit and debit cards is to be held on Thursday, according to an announcement by the finance ministry and the Independent Authority for Public Revenues (AADE).

The number of “tickets” corresponding to each tax-payer prior to the lottery, will be posted on the AADE website ( and can be accessed with the username and password issued to all users for AADE electronic services.

The first lottery will include all transactions carried out in October using credit and debit cards and any electronic money transfers made during the month to business accounts and added to the AADE register up until November 23.

The announcement also clarifies that any October transactions that are not included in the current lottery for any reason; e.g. to accounts not listed on the AADE register or others, will be included in upcoming lotteries.

Each lottery will have 1,000 winning tickets, each corresponding to 1,000 euros. The amount deposited to the jackpot winners’ bank accounts will be non-seizable, untaxed and will not count as additional income, nor be subject to any deductions on behalf of the state or third parties.


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