Catering Businesses Hold Largest Share in Greek Industry

New data released by the Economic and Industrial Research Foundation (IOBE), shows that catering businesses hold the largest share in the Greek industry.

Companies in the food sector work with the largest number of employees in the industry – 28%, compared to 9% for the metallurgical companies.

Overall, catering companies account for 25% of all industrial plants against 13% for metallurgy, statistics show.

Concerning its impact to the Greek economy, the food industry produces 20% of the country’s total GDP, and its revenues are second (22%) behind the fuel and refineries sector (33%).

Data also shows that small catering companies are predominant in Greece – 95% of total food production and 87% of beverages. In most cases, data pinpoints micro-enterprises, with up to ten employees.

Naturally, large companies with over 250 employees dominate the market. They earn 36% of the total catering sector revenue and 57% of beverages.

About 13,000 micro-enterprises are securing 18.2% of the catering industry revenue. A total of 661 beverage micro-enterprises have a 7.8% of the industry’s total revenue.

Due mostly to the financial crisis, the annual consumption of food and non-alcoholic beverages in Greece has declined by 20% in absolute terms between 2010 and 2015.


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