Greece to Implement Genetic Identification of Olive Tree Varieties

The genetic identification of Greek varieties of olive trees is about to begin in order to register all varieties, according to the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

The aim is to create a network for targeted research into the deciphering of the genetic material of olive trees in Greece, using genomic technology.

The initiative belongs to the Research and Innovation sector of the ministry, while the aim of the action is to highlight the special qualities of olive trees, to upgrade production and to increase the added value of olive products.

The Routes of the Olive Tree, as is the name of the action, will be implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development and the participation of major research and academic institutions active in the field of research, genomics and molecular biology.

The Network will initially deal with the description and authentication of identified genetic material and Greek olive varieties in the official European catalog as well as with the rescue and conservation of important clones.

For the initial phase, which is planned to be implemented over a two-year period, funding of 5 million euros has been secured, with the potential to attract additional resources.


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