Greek Islands Dominate 2018 European Travel Bookings

This year, Greece has had no less than four islands chosen by travelers as their intended destination for summer 2018.

According to an analysis by Check 24, the most popular German platform dedicated to travel price comparison, there are four Greek islands among the 10 most popular islands for holidays in Europe.

Listed pre-bookings state that the most popular among the Greek islands is Crete, which holds a 17.2-percent preference for 2018. Following the biggest of the Greek islands, we find Rhodes on seven percent and Kos on 6.2 percent. The fourth destination includes Corfu with Paxos, with a 2.8-percent preference.

The analysis also reveals that the island of Kos is more affordable than in 2017, with a general decrease in prices reaching two percent. On the other hand, Corfu and Paxos show a more than 18-percent rise in prices compared to last year.

The Greek island of Kos, offering great value for tourists.


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