Council of State Gives ‘Green Light’ for Ellinikon Development Project

The Council of State gave the approval for the beginning of works to make the former Athens airport site at Hellinikon into a multi-purpose complex that will include hotels, luxury apartments, amusement parks and a casino.

Greece’s highest administrative court gave its approval, judging that the proposed works are serving public interest. The provision is that the developers will fully respect the environment, zoning and urban planning regulations and the archaeological findings inside the site.

The Council of State also approved the raising of the skyscrapers needed for the project. also justified by the fact that they would serve public interest.

According to the Council of State ruling, the public interest would be served by “the creation of a metropolitan multipolar project of national and international reference; the construction and maintenance of a metropolitan and recreational park in Attica and the establishment of a metropolitan development center in the region, with multiple specific objectives concerning, inter alia, the economic crisis; the development of the national economy; increasing employment and reducing unemployment; combating poverty; aiding the reduction of public debt; the emergence of Athens as a cultural metropolis; an international tourist attraction; an important center of economic growth, and entrepreneurship, etc.”

Another point of the ruling says that “building high-quality, high-rise buildings, improves the quality of life by reducing covering of space, increasing free space and greenery and improving lighting and sunshine.”

The planned “mild intervention coastal operations, the upgrading of the beach and the ability to build an aquarium, combined with the wider regeneration of Faliro bay that has been approved”, are also reasons for the developers to proceed with the project.

It should also be noted that the concession of the Hellinikon site and its development was one of the three remaining prior actions for the completion of the third review of the bailout program and the disbursement of the 5.7-billion-euro loan tranche.


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