Discover the Spa Town of Loutra Aidipsou, Evia

Loutra Aidipsou, in the Greek island of Evia, is a town rich in natural hot springs that, since Ancient times has been welcoming visitors looking for the benefits of its curative waters.

Several are the geothermal springs located in Aidipsos and the area of northwestern Evia. The attractive but bizarre atmosphere of the place is made up of red rocks shaped by the minerals reaching the surface in and dense columns of steam that rise over the foamy hot water.

Aidipsos is only 4 km north of Loutra Aidpsou (a name that means the Baths of Aidispos). These bath springs can be found along the beaches or near the local olive groves but also close to the pier in Gialtra, in the sand in Ilias.

The water from the springs travels over 2.5 km from the depth of the Earth with temperatures between 34 – 82˚C, something quite rare to find.

The water, rich in minerals such potassium, magnesium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals have attracted elderly visitors seeking treatment for arthritis and rheumatism. However, the potential for a more modern kind of wellness tourism has never been of key importance.

The town has developed parallel to the coastline, around the seafront. Part of the town still hosts the old buildings home to hotels and hydrotherapy facilities, many of them currently closed.

Among the many virtues of the place the water that bubbles up from the ground colors the rocks and forms a small waterfall that spills into the sea. This implies the possibility of a natural treatment to tone the skin by alternating between cold and hot. To reach the waterfall it is necessary to wade through the sea.

The area also offers the possibility to take in the beauty of the landscape. The coastal promenade of Loutra Aidipsou every day reveals an enchanting scenario at sunset.

Another must-see in the area is the Kyma, a historic spot once home to a café and pastry shop. This construction rests over the sea on pylons. Today the renovated Kyma hosts cultural events and exhibitions.

The architecture in Loutra Aidipsou is quite stunning as well. There are many imposing buildings once thought as hotels and hydrotherapy facilities many dating back to the end of the 1800s. Only a few of them remain open and continue to operate while most have been abandoned.

The Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel is one of the hotels that need to be admired in the area. Recently renovated, the hotel offers all the comforts and amenities of a thermal spa resort. This historic and local landmark dates back to the first years of the Hellenic Republic.

The Irakleion Hotel is a red building high above the sea dating back to 1901 home once to a hydrotherapy facility favorite among important Greek personalities of the past.

The history of Loutra Aidipsou mixes with several myths regarding the existence of the strings. According to one of them, the goddess Athena once asked her brother, the god of fire Hephaestus, to bring hot water in order to make Heracles rest after his 12 feats. By means of a hammer, god Hephaestus struck the earth so that hot water sprung to ease Heracles’ tired limbs.


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