Most Expensive House in Greece Sells for €20Μ

A house belonging to the Pitsos family is, according to Sotheby’s, the most expensive home in Greece and was recently sold for €20 million.

The house that overlooks the Saronic Gulf is located in ​​Kounoupi in the Porto Heli area of the Argolis prefecture in the Peloponnese.

The house is surrounded by a pine forest with access to the sea through three private beaches.

Last year, Sotheby’s auction house, which brought the house for sale describing it as “majestic”, wrote: “The property is spread over 18,000 square meters and costs 20,000,000 euros. It belonged to the Pitsos family since 1865”.

The house is ​​569 square meters, has three private beaches, has open-air kitchens and kiosks and 7 outdoor seating areas overlooking the Saronic Gulf.

The “majestic” house is equipped with all latest technology amenities, offering its owners all the comforts.

Immediately after the sale, Sotheby’s Realty withdrew the list, while the name of the new owner was not released.


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