Peculiarities of construction in Greece

The standards of accommodation in Greece are fixed in the "Code on reinforced concrete structures" and "Code on the seismic stability of buildings. In different regions, there is a specific design: in the coastal areas, there the roofs are made mostly flat, in the mountainous regions, there a tiled roof is required, in all regions of the country, a layer of insulation is covered from the outside; instead of a parquet, tiles or marble are used, and because of the increased seismic activity, buildings are always built with the reinforced concrete frame and reliable foundations.

Unfinished high-rise buildings and houses in Greece are sold only in emergency situations, as this is considered a bad form. All real estate is put up for sale in a ready to move form – with decoration, plumbing, doors, windows, sockets and kitchen set. If the house is bought during the construction phase, then you can choose the finishing materials yourself. The calculation of the living space is carried out on the outer sides of the external walls, while the building factor includes basements, balconies and balconies.

Types of areas:

  • Within inhabited localities.
  • Outside inhabited localities.

Stages of construction:

1.      Digging the foundation pit and building a foundation.

2.      The erection of columns, beams, and floors of floors with a concrete monolith.

3.      Brick masonry.

4.      Laying insulation.

5.      Roof erection.

6.      Running the service lines.

7.      Finishing works.


Calculation of the allowable area:

•         If the area is 4, 000 square meters, there objects can be built up to 200 square meters.

•         If the area is from 4, 000 to 8, 000 square meters, the square of the building is calculated according to the formula 200 sq.m + (actual plot area - 4000) * 0, 02. For example, a plot of 5,500 square meters. First of all, you need to subtract 4000 from the actual area of the plot (5500), and you get 1500. Next, this number is multiplied by 0.02, which gives 30. The resulting figure is added to 200. It turns out that on a plot of 5500 square meters you can build an object, the area of which will not be more than 230 square meters.

•         Large areas, the area of which starts from 8 sq. m, are calculated according to the formula 280 sq. m + (actual plot area - 8000) * 0.01. For example, a plot of 10,500 square meters. From the actual area of the plot (10500), 8000 are subtracted, it is 2500. This figure must be multiplied by 0.01, which gives 25. The resulting figure is added to 280. It turns out that on a plot of 10500 square meters you can build an object whose area will be no more than 305 square meters.

The value of the property depends on:

•         Distance to the sea.

•         The closeness to the village.

•         The panorama view.

Why choose GrekodomDevelopment ?

The company's specialists not only carefully check the scheme of the plot and the construction coefficients, but make it a legal check to determine how clean the tax history is and whether there are penalties as well.

The process of designing is conducted by experienced architects and engineers, taking into account the landscape features of the site, the functional requirements and wishes of the Customer. Construction of real estate is carried out using modern technologies using high-quality materials. Scrupulous monitoring of all stages of the project and effective management of them allow you to complete the work on time and give the client impeccable in its characteristics – safety, comfort and convenience – the object.

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