Airbnb in Greece is gaining popularity!

Rental of real estate in the tourism industry in Greece in online booking format over the past few years has become more popular. And in many respects, thanks to the plane Airbnb – the American service for accommodation, the search, and booking of short-term rentals, as well as restaurants and entertainment events around the world.

The dynamics of sales from rent increases from 55% to 100% every year. And in some of the most popular among tourists regions of Greece – more than twice.

From 2010 to 2018, when there was an economic crisis in Greece, interest from tourists towards short-term rental of real estate annually only increased. As the statistics from "Tornos News" show, some cities and islands of Greece are still popular: Santorini – an increase of 46%, Mykonos – 51%, Rhodes – 54%, Paros – by 57%, Crete – by 64%, Athens – by 65%, Corfu / Corfu – by 70%, Kos – by 72%, Thessaloniki – by 86%, Nea Protontida (Khalkidhiki) – by 113%.

Moreover, the main indicators of the boom of online booking of apartments and houses fall on the last 4 years. Until 2014, from 2010 to 2013, rental property in Greece through the Internet was not so in demand. The very same Airbnb platform was launched in 2008.

Experts increase the short-term lease in Greece through the service Airbnb compared with the tsunami. And with full confidence, they note that there will be no decline in interest to this service among tourists. On the contrary – in the next few years it will only grow. And the increase in users of the platform, interested in renting real estate in Greece, is due to the constantly expanding base of facilities and legislative advantages.

So, for 4 years the number of objects delivered in Greece on Airbnb has grown more than 5 times: 2014 – 417 options, 2015 – 835, 2016 –1.651, 2017 – 2.588, and in 2018 – already 2.793 objects. Rental housing per day on average is $ 69.

For those who need the cheaper real estate, you should pay attention to Cos Island. On Airbnb, there are 353 objects of the island being leased. While last year there were only 211. Rent on Kos in a day will cost an average of $ 52.

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