New project for sale in Kriaritsi!

It can be safely assumed that, at least, every second person dreams of his property. Whether it's a cozy home in the city or a spacious apartment – it's always good to have something of your own. But not everyone will decide on the construction of a cottage or a luxury villa. And those who still made such a step, quite consciously call it the best solution. Because, buying a comfortable real estate, the way of life changes for the better.

The new project "Iro" is an excellent ultramodern villa overlooking Mount Athos. It is located in a picturesque region called Kriaritsi, Halkidhiki-Sithonia. To get to the sea, and it is only 100 meters away, it will take only a few minutes. The nearest city is about 4 km away, and the airport is 140 km away. Such an arrangement can only be envied.

Construction of the villa began in the 2018 year. New residents of this beautiful house are lucky not only to become owners of real estate in Greece but also to find a real nest where it is pleasant and cozy to spend time at any time of the year. The area of the object in 150 m² allowed combining everything necessary for comfortable rest and living with the latest trends in architecture and construction. The total area of the plot is 500 m². On it, in addition to the villa itself, there is another large swimming pool, numerous flower beds with palm trees and flowers and a place for rest by a big company or evening family gatherings. Also on the site, there is parking, places for chaise lounges and a spacious area where you can enjoy walking, admiring the excellent sunsets.

"Iro" is a building of two floors of comfortable space, where everything is thought through to the smallest detail. On the first floor, there is a large living room, where all family members and guests can comfortably settle. There is also a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to enjoy a meal. And to assess the results of culinary experiments can be in a cozy dining room, which the owners will equip to their own taste. On the first floor, there is also a large bedroom and a functional bathroom.

The entire second floor is a sitting area consisting of three separate bedrooms with individual bathrooms. Undoubtedly, a huge bonus to all of the above is the balconies in each of the rooms. From them, it will be nice to watch the stars at night, look at the sea or simply enjoy the fresh air.

Separate attention deserves panoramic windows in the master bedroom. It is from here that the most delightful view of Athos opens. The landscape from the bedroom toilets is no less fascinating.

For relaxing water procedures and swimming on the site there is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and overflow. And near it, there is a comfort zone with a huge sofa where you can arrange pleasant evenings for a bottle of wine and enjoy the surrounding view in the company of loved ones.

You will feel great in this house. You can always invite guests here to enjoy with him every minute of what is happening. It will not be cold even in winter due to electric heating in 5 cozy rooms. For those who have long dreamed of owning a house in a picturesque place, villa "Iro" is the best option. The cost of the turnkey is € 600,000.

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