Escape to a Luxury Hotel in Mykonos Inspired by the Greek God Apollo and Greek Hospitality

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands. However, if you are looking to escape the party scene of the island and experience Mykonos in its purest and most beautiful form, here is the secret: go to De.Light Boutique Hotel in Mykonos located in Agios Ioannis Bay. Here you will experience Mykonos like never before – the sea, greek hospitality and culture in one luxurious package!

At De. Light Boutique Hotel, you will find yourself transported to a calm and relaxing Mykonos. Located not far from the noisy, tourist-filled Mykonos town, Agios Ioannis Bay offers views of the historic Delos Island and is laced with the charming white-washed and cube-style architecture, at a much slower pace. You can escape to the lap of luxury at De. Light Boutique Hotel where the accommodations are both elegant and luxurious, offering a cozy and inviting feeling for guests. Also, you will be sure to get the most out of your stay on Mykonos as the concierge provides a personalized service to be sure that each visitor experiences all that the island has to offer.

It is no wonder that the natural beauty of the island and its surroundings inspired the name of the hotel. ‘De. Light’ comes from the legendary myth of the sacred island of Delos, where Leto gave birth to Zeus’ twins Artemis (Goddess of Hunting) and Apollo (God of Light). The story goes that because of Hera’s jealousy of Zeus and Leto, she ordered all lands to shun Leto, making it difficult for her to find a place to give birth. However, Zeus asked Poseidon to find a secret and safe place for Leto. She went to the island of Delos and since the island is not connected to the land, she was able to safely give birth to her twins, Artemis (Goddess of Hunting) and Apollo (God of Light). From that moment on, Delos was declared a sacred island, devoted to Apollo. It is considered to be ‘bathed in the unique light of Zeus’ son. Thus, the name for the hotel overlooking the island of Delos’ light, De.light. The myth that inspired the hotel, along with a flair for Greek hospitality is evident in the detail put into designing the accommodations at De. Light Boutique Hotel. You can choose from different suites with sea views, an outdoor jacuzzi, or even a private pool with sea views – perfect to watch a romantic Mykonos sunset!

You will find the rooms tastefully decorated with clean lines, relaxing colors and luxuriously comfortable beds (Coco-Mat, “sleep on nature” luxury brand). The design of the suites is a combination of elegance and authentic Mykonian architecture, making it a truly unique experience. The suites to sleep 2 or 3 guests, depending on what you book. For more information about accommodations, look here. Also, De. Light Boutique Hotel offers a variety of wellness services to its guests including a spa where you can relax with traditional massages, reflexology, face and body treatments, nail treatments and hair styling. Everything you need to fully rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit during your stay.

There is also the Pool and Bar Restaurant and Lounge where guests can cool off and hang out while taking in the stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the island of Delos.

Another pampering experience at De. Light Boutique Hotel is the exceptional gastronomy of their on-site restaurant. Every guest feels as though they are a Greek god dining under the stars at Authentic Restaurant which serves up local dishes that are inspired by a combination of Ancient Greek gastronomic experience and Greek hospitality.


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