Fraport Greece and Epsilon Net have signed an agreement to implement information systems for 14 airports

Epsilon Net Group has signed with Fraport Greece, following the tender procedure, the implementation project of an information system for Payroll and HRM with the installation of the PYLON HRM & SELF-SERVICE platform.

This is another key collaboration of Epsilon HR, which now consolidates the leading role of the group in the air transport sector as well. Fraport Greece has undertaken the operation and development of 14 regional airports for the next 40 years to operate on the basis of the most modern international aviation standards.

The main objective of this collaboration is to automate the management of complex human resources in conjunction with other wage management systems, performance ratings, staff training and time management.

Process automation, assurance of operation and award-winning support provided by the Epsilon Net Group makes PYLON HRM the leading Human Resource Management application.

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