Greek Island Port Expected to Top 95,000 Cruise Ship Arrivals

Chania port in Crete is expecting the number of cruise passengers to top the 95,000 mark for the first eight months of 2018.

The data, reported by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, say cruise passengers arriving through the port of Souda will be boosted by around 1,900 people disembarking from the Marella Discover 2 cruise liner which is expected to dock on Sunday.

Six more cruise ship arrivals are scheduled to approach Souda port until the end of August.

Greece is expecting a bumper year for tourism, with passenger arrivals by air already up and millions of tourists expected to holiday here.

Overall, it is estimated that over three million more passengers from abroad arrived in Greece through July compared to previous years.

The data lead to projections that the Ministry of Tourism target of 32 million arrivals in 2018 will be exceeded and that the total number of arrivals will be over 33 million, as arrivals by land and sea also show an upward trend, resulting in exceptionally high revenues.


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