More than 60,000 Properties in Greece are in Airbnb-like Platforms

More than 60,000 residential properties in Greece are listed on short-term lease platforms, like Airbnb, the president of the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation said this week.

Speaking to the Athens News Agency, the federation president Grigoris Tassios said that the Greek state should treat short-lease renters the same way it treats hotel and tax them.

“We are not bothered by the fact the Airbnb-type platforms exist. The issue is that they should pay in the same way as we do,” Tasios noted.

The federation president said that the recent legislation that requires that short-lease residential properties are registered with the tax office is a great step to that direction, but there are pending issues regarding their operation.

Tasios further suggested that value-added tax on hotel stay must be reduced.


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