A Little Piece of Greek Heaven: Elafonisos Island

Visiting Elafonisos in Greece is an unforgettable experience because of the natural raw beauty this small island has to offer.

Located between the Peloponnese and Kythira, Elafonisos, is a small island that is only around 19 square kilometers, or 7 square miles. Its beautiful beaches attract as many as 3,000 visitors per day in the summer months. However, if you are lucky enough to visit it during the autumn or winter, the population takes a dramatic dive — to about 300 to 350 people.

What to do on this little piece of heaven during the cooler months? Well, like many places in Greece, you will find ancient ruins to explore on the island as well as in the surrounding waters.

In fact, there is an ancient sunken city, the archaeological site of Pavlopetri, which dates back as far as the early 3rd century BC, and is thought to have been taken by the sea somewhere around 1000 BC.

This island is the most southern pint of the Peloponnese and boasts pristine snorkeling conditions and quiet stretches of sand that are perfect to explore, year-round.

Another interesting thing to check out while visiting Elafonisos is the main church, Agios Spyridon. This church is built on a small and separate piece of land that is connected by a bridge by which worshipers can cross the shallow, clear waters from the main island.

As far as eating goes, you will find much to delight your taste buds on this little island. You can dine on fresh seafood and enjoy the local cuisine, while drinking a glass of wine and watching the sun set.

With all of its tranquility, beauty and nature, it’s no wonder Elafonisos was awarded the Travelers Choice 2018 Award on TripAdvisor!

What about where to stay once you are there? Well, when you are looking for a peaceful retreat that is secluded and offers you an unforgettable, hypnotic seaside views with the backdrop of the surrounding mountains, look no further — Capari Suites is the place to check out and check into!

This family-run business was established in 2004 and during the years that followed, Capari Suites has built its reputation on providing executive hospitality services at reasonable rates.

Located on a sprawling property and a complex that spans some 10,000 square meters, here you will enjoy a beautiful garden, sea views of the Laconic Gulf, and free parking as just some of the amenities.

Something that truly makes Capari Suites unique is that it boasts many ecological and Earth friendly amenities such as ecological paints, wooden furniture, doors and windows, solar water heaters, ecological lamps to help save energy, natural air-conditioning as well as electric air-conditioning which is friendly to the environment, solar lighting, and they also use ecological detergents — all of which compliments the natural and green surroundings perfectly!

Here you will also be able to indulge yourself in traditional Greek cuisine with a twist at Capari Suites’ very own restaurant, Kouzini, in the Elafonisos Promenade and enjoy special offers that are exclusively tailored for guests.

Source: greece.greekreporter.com

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