What to do in Thessaloniki after moving?

Thessaloniki is the second most important city in Greece. More and more people are choosing Thessaloniki as their permanent residence, since the scenic landscapes combined here with a developed infrastructure and a mild climate. The truth is that many people after their moving here begin to think about what they could do in this youth capital of Greece. In this article, we will tell you about interesting activities and ways to hang out in this beautiful city.

Greek language courses

If Greece became your home after moving, it would be advisable to start learning the Greek language. To do this, we recommend signing up for courses – there are paid and free options. School of Modern Greek Language in Thessaloniki (a fee-paying school) is the second most trustworthy after the Athenian one. You can pass the state language exam, on the results of which you will be accepted for admission to local universities. Application for courses should be submitted in September. Classes run from October to May. You can choose between 20-hour or 10-hour weekly training program.


Shopping and Greek market

It is not a secret, that the freshest products can be found exclusively in Greek markets, where they are brought by local farmers. The markets, which deserve special attention in Thessaloniki, are «Modiano» and «Kapani» («Vlali»). Just remember that time in the market runs very fast, because there are so many things to see and taste. Real shopaholics are recommended to visit the coastline in area of Aristotle Square – there you can find boutiques with global brands and goods of local manufactures.


Sports entertainment

If you are fond of sports entertainment, then there are a lot of yachting and diving clubs in Thessaloniki. Also, in the city you can go fishing at professional level – fishing in open sea – and at amateur level – to sit for an hour or two or until to the sunset – with gyros, Greek cream pie bugatsa, Greek sesame bagel kuluri and with favorite drinks. And certainly, in good company. For very active people, Thessaloniki has lots of perfect gyms.


Thessaloniki has a huge number of monuments and museums. If you are bored, you can go on excursions to unique places, to the rocks and monasteries of Meteora (230 km.), or you can visit the beautiful town, which located in the heart of the river Almopia in Aridaia (100km). This place is famous for its healing springs.

Another direction is a picturesque city of Metsovo (218 km.) at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level in the Greek region of Epirus. This area has the most delicious cheese in the Greece. Besides, don’t forget about the various festivals and celebrations, which are constantly conducted in Thessaloniki and in surrounding cities. Check out the latest news and announcements of event portals.

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