Admission to the Greek University – a guarantee of obtaining a residence permit and benefits

Greece is a country of amazing contrasts. It has everything: sea, mountains, developed urban infrastructure, authentic villages, ski resorts, magnificent nature, excellent climate, as well as a variety of historical monuments. Therefore, a huge number of people from all over the world want to get a residence permit in Greece. But desire alone is not enough. It will take a lot of documents.

Ways to obtain a residence permit in Greece


It is enough to create a family with a citizen of Greece and register it in a legal manner. But even for the sake of obtaining the coveted document, it is worth weighing the pros and cons of an international marriage.

Real estate or business

Investing in real estate or business is also a guaranteed way to get a residence permit in Greece. And the ability to rent acquired property allows you to recoup the investment.


Specialists in certain areas can be in demand in Greece (if the employer does not find suitable candidates among the residents of the European Union) and, on the basis of this, they can receive an invitation to work, and with it issue a residence permit.


If all of the above methods do not suit you for one reason or another, then the ideal option for obtaining a residence permit would be to enter a Greek university.

Advantages of obtaining a residence permit through admission to a Greek university

  • A Greek university student can travel throughout Europe.
  • In Greece, it is endowed with social benefits – discounts on travel, excursions, visits to theaters and ski resorts, free admission to cultural events.
  • Students have the right to work in Greece, but not more than four hours a day.
  • Residence permit gives the right to get a room in a hostel and a scholarship.

How to enroll in a Greek university

To become a student, you must submit all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Education, as well as take courses in Greek, the results of which, the level of possession must not be lower than 2.

Education in language courses is paid independently, as well as accommodation during this period. Social benefits can be used from the moment you enroll in an educational institution.

Foreign students must apply for a residence permit annually. To extend the document automatically, it is sufficient to submit to the authorized bodies a certificate from the university, which confirms that the student continues to study further.

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