The 7 Best Christmas Destinations in Greece for 2018

Greece is globally-known for its warm, sunny summers, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters, but the country offers much more than just those things, as lovely as they are.

The surprisingly diverse landscape of Greece offers countless opportunities, all the way from the north to the south, to explore and enjoy superb winter destinations.

Let’s take a look at the top Christmas destinations in Greece for 2018:

Agios Athanasios

One of the most popular Christmas destinations in northern Greece, Agios Athanasios is located on the western slopes of imposing Mount Vorras, which forms the border between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

An authentic village with traditional stone architecture, Agios Athanasios still has plenty of hotels, bars, and restaurants. Together with the ski area, also known as Kaimaktsalan, it offers the perfect holiday vacation for most anyone, and it’s only a couple hours’ drive from  Thessaloniki.


A village nestled in the deep woods, Elatochori promises to make you forget the outside world entirely. A sojourn there will allow you to experience the beauty of nature, with walks winding through the forest and along small streams. The village itself has several distinctive boutiques, and you should try some of the local delicacies such as traditional marmalade and chocolate drinks.

A ski area is just outside of town, so if you’re lucky enough to go when the region is covered in snow, you can enjoy all the winter sports offered by the center.

Elatochori is located west of the city of Katerini, just a couple of hours from Thessaloniki.

The region of western Thessaly offers some of Greece’s most spectacular winter scenes

Elati and Petrouli 

Elati and Pertouli are located in Central Greece’s Trikala region and are among the most famous winter and Christmas destinations in the country.

The mountain of Koziakas offers fairy-tale scenery, with plenty of snow.  Often, fog and mist will freeze on the trees there, creating fairy-tale-like scenes along the forest paths.

The traditional mountain architecture of the region, along with the natural magnificence of the area, is not to be missed. The mountains of western Thessaly should definitely be among your next Greek Christmas destinations.


Karpenisi is located in the center of the Greek mainland. Built on the slopes of Tymfristos Mountain, it is the capital of the local county.

With a population of about 10,000, Karpenisi perfectly combines the leisure facilities of a mountain town with the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Rivers, forests and irresistible ski slopes make Karpenisi one of the most attractive destinations for Christmas in Greece.

Trikala Korinthias

A famous winter and Christmas destination for the Peloponnese, Trikala Korinthias is actually a complex of three villages — Ano, Mesi and Kato Synoikia.

Mesi Synoikia is famous for its traditional taverns, and it is not far from Lake Doxa as well as the small ski area of Zireia. Trikala Korinthias area’s charm mirrors the stunning beauty of the mountains of southern Greece.

The forests, the low temperatures, and the warm hospitality will make you feel like you’re somewhere in central Europe. Don’t miss celebrating at least one Christmas break in this corner of the eastern Peloponnese.

Palaios Panteleimon 

Built on the slopes of the ”mountain of the gods”, Palaios Panteleimon is the most popular tourist destination on Mount Olympus.

An ancient settlement that was abandoned in the 1950s by its inhabitants, Palaios Panteleimon is now a vibrant mountainous destination. It combines the incomparable beauty of Greece’s largest mountain along with Macedonian sea breezes, as the village is just a few minutes’ drives from Pieria’s Aegean coast.

Full of taverns, hotels, and shops, Palaios Panteleimon could be the perfect spot for a Christmas break away from everyday city life.


One of the most famous (if not the most famous) popular winter destinations in Greece is the mountain village of Arachova.

Located on Mount Parnassus, famed from ancient times, Arachova is a vibrant location with numerous options that will please everyone, with shops, bars, and clubs of all kinds. Its traditional architecture set against a backdrop of snowy mountains offers you a glimpse of the Alps less than a couple of hours from the country’s capital, Athens.


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